Frank Piller led a Discussion Forum in February


Frank Piller | IE Center for C-Centricity

Innovation co-creation as a key component of customer centricity will be at the center of the discussion

On February 8th,we kicked off the IE Center for C-Centricity Discussion Forum. The DF is designed as an opportunity to be exposed to the latest and / or most provocative thinking in the space of customer centricity and growth from top thinkers. For our first session, we invited Dr. Frank Piller, professor at RWTH Aachen University & a Co-Founder of the MIT Smart Customization Group. Prof Piller is regarded as one of the leading experts on strategies for customer-centric value creation

He spoke about Customer Driven Innovation, illustrating the trends and developments that  shape value creation today and tomorrow. Concepts like “open innovation ecosystems” and “job based thinking” (or outcome driven innovation)were illustrated with an open conversation between participants closing the event.

See the interview here