Why C-Centricity?

A solid education for business leaders, those of the future and those of today, requires a strong muscle in this broad definition of C-Centricity.

As the competitive environment in our hyper connected world gets more complex and the pace of change takes an unprecedented speed, there is a growing focus on the businesses need to reinforce their customer focus.

Beyond that, we believe that Customers, Consumers and Citizens must sit at the heart of organizations, in order to ensure successful organizational growth and overall human satisfaction at a societal level.

The term C-Centricity acknowledges the distinctively different meanings ascribed to  customer and consumer, despite the clear overlaps in some sectors, when putting customers at the heart of business.  Businesses need to reinforce both their customer and consumer focus, if there is a difference in who buys and who uses the products and services. The end benefit is the ability to create value for retailers and other intermediaries used to reach the final user, ensuring impact along customer journeys.

In addition to this, the growing debate on social aspects of customer centricity focuses on the application of customer-centric practices to improve the life of citizens. In doing so, it addresses the importance of customer centricity for forging a socially responsible culture within companies that ultimately creates value for society as a whole.


Our Purpose

Impulse the practice of Customer, Consumer and Citizen Centricity to drive satisfying human experiences & sustainable business growth.

The Dual role of IE Center for C-Centricity

  1. Generate and curate leading edge research & foresight on customer, consumer & citizen centricity and its drivers.
  2. Share & leverage that knowledge to inspire satisfying human experiences & sustainable business growth.
    • Promoting (and guiding) the application of the Center’s knowledge in the business world.
    • Educating the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

The IE Center for C-Centricity activities are centered around 4 pillars


To build knowledge on the topic of c- centricity, how to drive it, how to leverage it.

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To divulgate the science & principles behind consumer centricity in business and in academia.

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To exchange & discuss experiences, learnings and points of view on consumer centricity.

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To apply knowledge and drive C-Centricity with our Partners.

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The IE C-Centricity is fueled by a rich and diverse group of corporate members

  • A selected group of corporate members.
  • Covering different sectors with regional and global reach.
  • Thought leaders and highly interested in the concept of customer / consumer / citizen centricity.
  • Who are willing to learn from and inspire each other.

Corporate members


  • C-Centricity is a hot topic for your company and you would like to contribute in a stabile way shaping our Center and its activities?
    Become a member of the Center.
  • You are interested in a specific topic around Customer, consumer and/or citizen centricity and would like to support the generation of cutting edge knowledge? You want to establish a meaningful relationship and collaborate with the Center but, for any reason, you don’t feel like becoming a member?
    Collaborate directly with the Center team and faculty and sponsor the development of ‘your’ specific Applied Research study.
  • Do you have any other suggestions for collaboration?
    Contact us to talk.

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