Experience & Impact

Leveraging and applying Knowledge to strategic Priorities

Workshops are held in the Sponsors HQ, but can also allow for virtual sharing between offices in other cities / countries.

Workshops are centered around three main topics:

Jobs to be done

Many companies invest in multiple value dimensions they can provide and yet, the majority of them have a mediocre offering.

Why do customer buy your product?
Because only your product satisfies a job-to-be-done they have.


A core pillar of the offer to our sponsors, we offer workshops at their offices to discuss the key components of C-Centricity, always tailored to their needs and industry demands.

Customer Centricity Drivers

Customer centricity is a total company strategy that, based on a deep understanding of customers, is able to align the whole organisation towards maximising the customer experience to drive sustainable growth.

Workshops can be structured in multiple formats. Some examples are:

  • Board of Directors.
  • Global and Marketing Communication Teams.
  • Cross-functional leaders.
  • Talent Days.
  • Annual Strategy Meetings.
  • Leadership Teams