Looking forward 2020: 2nd Steering Team Meeting


Looking forward 2020: 2nd Steering Team Meeting | IE

MADRID, October 4th . The center held its second Steering Team meeting to present the new strategic plan for 2019/2020.

Before announcing the new strategy  for the center, the directors of the center presented a brief review of  the activities of the previous year.  Some outstanding activities were discussion forums led by two key global thinkers: Prof. Frank Piller from Aachen University and Prof. Peter Fader from Warton Business School. Likewise, two think tanks  sessions spured the exchange of ideas among members on topics such as culture, employee centricity and culture centricity. Furthermore, the center launched its pilot Executive Education Program which received a warm welcoming by the participants.

Today, the center has an ambitious plan based on continuous research, events, activities and strategic collaborations that we will foresight in the upcoming months.