On October 26th, the center held its third Steering Team meeting to present the new strategic plan for 2020/2021.

The Chairman of the center, Carlos Mas, gave a warm welcoming to the corporate sponsors who attended the event virtually.

Despite the challenging situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic, The IE Center for C-Centricity strives to deliver excellence through different initiatives. In addition, the managing directors of the center presented a brief review of the main milestones and activities carried out during 2020.

Some highlights of this year have been the open conference on Customer Centricity to present the “Decoding Customer Centricity” Report;  the virtual discussion forum with Scott Anthony, Senior partner at Innosight or the virtual think tank on customer insights led by Niels Schillewaert, PhD, co-founder and Managing Partner at InSites Consulting and ESOMAR President ex-officio, among others.

Moreover, the session served to present the second edition of the Executive Education Program “Decoding Customer and Consumer Centricity” as well as  The ‘IE C-Centricity Monitor’ an initiative that aims to generate and share an objective vision of the state of C-Centricity in the business world, through a recurrent quantitative survey of a broad base of international and multi-sectoral companies and the publication of an annual report.  Together with the ‘IE C-Centricity Monitor’, The center plans to launch the ‘IE C-Centricity Club’, a community of companies committed with the Monitor.

Today, the center has an ambitious plan based on continuous research, events, activities and strategic collaborations  that we will foresight in the upcoming months